My rhubarb jam

Après avoir lavé les batons de rhubarbe, les couper en morceaux
After having clean the rhubarb sticks, cut them on pieces
Ebouillanter les batons coupés dans une grande quantité d'eau
Scald the pieces into a big quantity of boiling water
Egouter les batons lorsqu'ils sont devenus mous. Plus l'égoutage sera long, plus la confiture sera épaisse au final.
Strain the boiled rhubarb when they become soft. Longer is the straining, thicker your jam will be
Peser le même poids de sucre que de rhubarbe égoutée, et faire bouillir doucement jusqu'à ce que la confiture "prenne". La mettre en pots et couvrir.
Weigh the same amount of sugar as the weight of strained rhubarb. Slowly boil the mix until the jam thickens. Fill the jam jars, close them and put the jars lids down.
Bon appétit !
Enjoy !

my tart with toffees "carambars"

That's all left after breakfast, my  "carambar" tart (local toffees) was very successful as usual.

My recipe for the "gourmets" :

In a pot, melt 20 carambars with 2 tablespoonful of heavy cream. Stir until melted. don't boil it. Drop into an already cooked sweet pastry base.  Chill a night before serving.

The toffee "carambar" is a specialty of the North, made in Marcq en Baroeul since 1954, famous for the jokes written inside the paper wrap that only specialists enjoy at fair value ...

The best museums out of Paris

The "Figaro Magazine" - march 24th and 25th-, selection is :

All these museums are less than 10 kilometers from the house (5 minutes to 20 minutes with public transports)

For informations, the 4 others selected museums are : Musee Fabre-Montpellier, Musee Andre Malraux-Le Havre, le Musee de Grenoble and le Centre Pompidou-Metz.