my tart with toffees "carambars"

That's all left after breakfast, my  "carambar" tart (local toffees) was very successful as usual.

My recipe for the "gourmets" :

In a pot, melt 20 carambars with 2 tablespoonful of heavy cream. Stir until melted. don't boil it. Drop into an already cooked sweet pastry base.  Chill a night before serving.

The toffee "carambar" is a specialty of the North, made in Marcq en Baroeul since 1954, famous for the jokes written inside the paper wrap that only specialists enjoy at fair value ...

2 thoughts on “my tart with toffees "carambars"

  1. We loved our stay la maison du heron and were made to feel most welcome! Highly recommend! And our French is now much improved! We hope to return!

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